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As a way of saying thanks to the fans of our studio, we’re releasing a brand new screenshot from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This screenshot highlights our game’s Exoskeleton, the game changing mechanic that allows the advanced solider to move faster, jumper higher, and fight harder. The exoskeleton is a core mechanic of our game and really ushers in a new era for the Call of Duty franchise.


HammerWeek_exclusive_v01.jpgRight Click and select "Save link as..." This screenshot also works great as a wallpaper for your computer or mobile device.


Stay tuned for more #HammerWeek surprises all week on our official Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram channels.


This week marks a huge milestone in the history of Sledgehammer Games. Today, we celebrate our 5-year anniversary as an independent development studio with our publishing partner Activision. From the beginning, we’ve set out to create a unique studio founded on the values of hard work, transparency, and a culture that empowers developers to do the best work of their careers. From day one, we set a singular goal - to achieve excellence in everything we do.


We’ve had the chance to build our team from the ground up, hire the very best developers in the industry, and work on some of the biggest games in our industry. In 2011, we co-developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that went on to become one of the largest entertainment releases of all time and won 2011's Action Game of the Year.


Since that time, our team has been heads down, hard at work on our next project: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – a true next-generation Call of Duty experience that signifies a new era for the franchise.


We couldnt be more proud of the game, and can't wait to share it with fans in November. Until then, we hope you’ve had the chance to watch some of the behind the scenes videos outlining our development process and design philosophy. Check back regularly on our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.


As our studio celebrates its five year anniversary, we also want to include you, as our games have always been for the player. Here’s what you can look forward to this week, and we’ll be updating this blog post throughout the week as this content goes live.



  • Monday – 5th Anniversary and Photo Gallery
  • Tuesday –  Challenge Coin and Patch sweepstakes on Twitter
  • Wednesday – Exclusive Digital Content
  • Thursday – Surprise
  • Friday – Studio Happy Hour & Toast Photo Album


Michael Condrey & Glen Schofield

Co-Founders, Sledgehammer Games


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When we began designing the near-future world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we started by researching how new and emerging technologies today would influence the future of advanced weaponry. That lead us to discover current R&D focused on innovations in 3D printing that will influence the battlefield of tomorrow – granting soldiers the unique ability to print their own gear on the field. Based on this research, we developed the Integrated Munitions Rifle – also known as the IMR. The design of this particular rifle presented a unique challenge of showing the printing process to the player on the rifle model. “One of the opportunities to solve with this particular weapon was how to communicate to the player the bullet printing and feed system.” Said Joe Arcovich, Lead Weapon Artist at Sledgehammer Games. “It required lot of back and forth between animation, modeling and design to make sure that the timing of the reload was quick enough for gameplay, but would still show the cool effect of the bullets getting fed into the chamber from the printer.”


Click to enlarge.

The success of this particular weapon depended not only on the action involved with animating the ammo printing process, but the overall aesthetic of the weapon itself. “It was extremely important to us that the instant the player picks up the IMR, they immediately become excited about the weapon.” Said Joseph Salud, Art Director at Sledgehammer Games.” It needed to clearly say ‘advanced weapon,’ and at the same time be grounded and credible. The IMR needed to feel like a serious piece of advanced hardware, and not a piece of science fiction.”


Check out the reload animation and the display on the IMR as it prints more bullets at the 2:22 mark.

Check back on our shgdevblog each week as we unveil more of development process of the various weapons, vehicles, and technology found in our game. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram for more updates from our studio.

Nearly three years ago, our team set out to create the near-future world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We deeply researched not only the current technology that’s out there today, but the technology being researched and developed for tomorrow. Over the course of the development process, we consulted with technologist and futurists and worked closely with private and public technology companies to develop futuristic vehicles. When we decided that hoverbikes fit within the story of Advanced Warfare, we gave special attention to what these vehicles would look like, how they would move, what their function would be, and how the Advanced Soldier would use them on the battlefield of tomorrow. “Hover technology has been around for approximately 50 years, and over time it’s plausible that the hoverbike could conquer different types of terrain.” said Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head of Sledgehammer Games. “We built it to look like a snowmobile and a personal watercraft because that was relatable, and added the armored plating for military purposes.”



Tech sheet for the hoverbike in Advanced Warfare.


“We made it much quieter than current hover vehicles because the military needs more stealthy ways to get around. By grounding it with known technology and making it look like a vehicle we’re all familiar with it becomes much more believable.” said Schofield. “We must have done over 50 sketches before we landed on something the group could agree on. In the end, we used parts of many different sketches to finally get the finished piece.”




See the hoverbike in action in our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer at the 1:45 mark.


The hoverbike features an articulated hover unit that can tilt in any direction, keeping the driver upright and able to turn in any direction quickly. “I'm really happy not only with the look but also with the gameplay. I hope somebody builds one someday!” Schofield added.


Check back on our shgdevblog each week as we unveil more of development process of the various weapons, vehicles, and technology found in our game. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram for more updates from our studio.

When we set out three years ago to create the future world of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we made a commitment to deliver a game set in the year 2054 that players can relate to. We studied the history of the automobile, planes, military equipment and even the creation of roads, bridges and railroads. This was all part of an effort we made to better understand the progression of land and air vehicles over time, and found that it helped us predict where they’re headed to in the future. We even created timelines that showed the progression of instrument panels, and computers. Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio Head of Sledgehammer Games, pushed our artists to constantly question their designs. “Designing future vehicles is harder than you would imagine. Big decisions have to be made first. Do they fly? Do they drive themselves? What are they made of? What type of fuel are they using," said Schofield. “Do we look out a windshield or is everything operated by camera and sensors? You have to look at the past few decades to see what has changed over time.”


Early on in the development process, our team created a design book composed of all the rules, shapes, proportions, and compounds, ensuring every artist in the building was pushing in the right direction. We created hundreds of drawings of trucks, buses, military vehicles, and construction vehicles - breaking them down further into interiors, exteriors, and instrument panels.


An early drawing of the Razorback VTOL from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


“The Razorback VTOL was extremely important to the game. It was also one of the first flying vehicles. We started with ‘How would it take off?’ and ‘How would it land?’” said Schofield. “We decided that it should be able to turn on a dime, added jet engines for speed, and made it versatile so it could carry soldiers inside and heavy equipment on the outside. The team thought about doors for quick exfils, and mounting harnesses for quick access to the weapons."



Look for a quick shot of the Razorback VTOL in action at the 2:00 mark.

The Razorback is just one of many flying vehicles we researched for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Be sure to visit our shgdevblog each week as we unveil our process of developing the various weapons, vehicles, and technology found in our game. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram for more updates from our studio.


Nearly three years ago, we set out on a quest to deliver an all-new near future setting for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The team focused on the tools that a Tier-1 Operator of the future would have, and began researching  the technology that would be on the battlefield of tomorrow. Through research, and early gameplay prototypes, we were excited and inspired by the innovations that an exoskeleton would offer for our fans. “The idea for the exoskeleton came out of our extensive research into various real-life super soldier programs,” said Bret Robbins, Creative Director at Sledgehammer Games. “A soldier’s strength and endurance are a constant limitation on the battlefield, and real advancements were being made in that area.” It became the heart of the Advanced Soldier, our story, and the main driver of new gameplay mechanics and player experiences.



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is rooted in relatable headlines and we focused on the opportunity to deliver a believable future setting. Striking the  balance between science and fiction could only be achieved through extensive research. Using the design principle of “form follows function” our concept team met with a wide group of military operators, technologists, futurists, and industry leaders to compile a grounded understanding for the exoskeleton on the battlefield of the future. “It was extremely important that the exoskeleton did not read as overly complicated from a distance,” said Joseph Salud, Art Director at Sledgehammer Games. “We developed a design that the player would recognize and understand in a split second upon seeing the exoskeleton – what it was, how it works, and how it provides exciting new abilities for Call of Duty players.”


The exoskeleton is a core mechanic of our game, but it’s just one of the many future technologies we’ve researched for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Be sure to visit our Blog each week as we unveil our process of developing the various weapons, vehicles, and technology found in our game. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram for more updates from our studio.

E3 2014 is a wrap and we had such an amazing time showing off a small glimpse of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We loved hearing your excitement grow from the opening moments of the Xbox Media Briefing and introducing the world of advanced soldiers and exoskeletons through the single player mission ‘Induction,’ to the interviews and fan interactions with our studio co-founders, Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey. Our team has been hard at work on Advanced Warfare and we can’t say thanks enough for the encouragement and support.


Many of our Hammers from the studio made it down to E3 and were able to watch the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare experience in the Activision booth on the show floor. It was incredible to see the story of Jonathan Irons and the rise of the Private Military Corporations unfold with an amazing almost 180 degree viewing screen and the very best audio. Just when we thought our senses couldn’t be more immersed, the door on screen opens, and a rush of wind is felt across the face and the ground shakes on queue with the screen. It was truly an amazing and we thank Activision so much for helping to bring this story to life. We really look forward to having you play Advanced Warfare this November. Please enjoy some photos from our team’s E3 journey.



We need a screen like this installed in the studios.


Two of our Exoskeleton clad soldiers sit in and watch the Advanced Warfare presentation.


Part of the outside wall of the Activision booth.


Our Hammers representing the team at the Activision booth.


Hank Baskett visits the booth for a sneak peak at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Glen and Michael give away a Sledgehammer Games t-shirt to a lucky fan.


One of the Uber APCs that was made especially for our E3 show.


To all of the Call of Duty developers across the Activision studios, thank you for your support, encouragement and contribution to this great franchise


Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for the latest news from Sledgehammer Games!


We're giving away 10 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare T-Shirts starting right now. It's our way of giving back to the best community - the Call of Duty community. Please follow the rules below, and good luck!



Retweet @SHGames daily entry tweets with the hashtag #AdvancedWarfare, in addition to a link to this blog post, for a chance to win. 10 Total Winners. Winners must be following @SHGames as they will be notified by Twitter Direct Message (“DM”) and must respond within 12 hours or another winner may be chosen. For the latest Intel, check out: http://www.callofduty.com/advancedwarfare





1. SWEEPSTAKES TERM AND DEADLINES:  The “CALL OF DUTY®: Advanced Warfare T-shirt – RETWEET-TO-WIN (the “Sweepstakes”) begins May 22, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time (“PDT”) and ends May 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. PDT (“Sweepstakes Period”).  Ten (10) Winners will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries received during that one hour time period.  All entries received after May 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. PDT will be ineligible for the chance to win a prize.


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It’s hard to believe that it has been almost three years since we started working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and the last time we were at E3 we were on the road sharing MW3. It's been quite the journey and our show plans are shaping up to be incredibly special. We’ve been busy reading all your comments, watching all your videos, and absolutely glowing with the excitement of sharing more with the greatest community on earth – the Call of Duty community. The anticipation of showing off the most ambitious project we've ever worked on is a truly humbling feeling, and we could not be more proud of the amazing work being crafted by the team at Sledgehammer Games. The studio is buzzing with the excitement and looking forward to sharing more from our game with you.


So as much as you can't wait to see more, we want to show it. If you are going to E3, come by the Activision booth and say hello. We’re looking forward to meeting as many people as possible, and if you see us – don’t be shy. Even if you don’t bump into us, please follow along @SHGames for our real time updates from the show floor. We'll also be sharing photo galleries and updates from the showroom floor from our official Facebook and Instagram accounts.


See you in a few weeks!


Glen Schofield & Michael Condrey




To say that the team is excited about this week would be an understatement, and after close to three years we’re finally able to start talking about the project to our fans. We honestly couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our excitement for the reveal of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare than releasing the high-resolution image we teased at GDC 2014 during Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey’s talk entitled Quest for Quality: Maximizing the Relationship between Creative and Production. The image is meant to show off our level of our commitment to our project, and we couldn't be prouder of the level of clarity we’re able to achieve on our fully in-game rendered characters.


Be sure to full screen that image, and let us know what you think over Facebook and Twitter.


- The Sledgehammer Games Team


2014 is a huge year for us, and our team loves to stay connected with fans. While we have definitely been active over the last two and a half years sharing information about our studio culture, recruitment efforts, and some extremely vague clues as to what we’re working on, We’d like to cordially invite you to follow our official social channels and give you a brief overview of what types of information you can expect on them. 


Our Official SHG Website – The official channel from the studio to the community, and also the hub for everything related to the team at Sledgehammer Games.


Our Official SHG Twitter – Our outlet for real times bursts of info from the studio and about Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare.  We have been, and we will continue to monitor for any and all trending issues in an effort to provide excellence in customer service to the fans.


Our Official SHG Facebook – Much like our Twitter account, but written content isn’t limited by a character count. Our Facebook Page is also capable of storing our photo history in well-organized galleries that we encourage you to take a look at. Feel free to comment on posts and write us messages – we love hearing from you!


Our Official Linkedin – Jobs. Posted often, and constantly updated by our team of recruiters. If there’s something that stands out to you, go after it!


Our Official SHG Instagram – Photos. Our Instagram account is also the home of content you won’t see on Twitter and Facebook. Be on the lookout for exclusive photos from the Call of Duty development process.


Our Official SHG YouTube, Twitch and Vine - We’re keeping some surprises up our sleeves with exclusive Sledgehammer Games video content, but please be on the lookout for great video content on these three partner outlets.


Our Social Credo – As much as you’re fans of us, we’re huge fans of you – the community. We’re committed to being open, honest and transparent with you –  in return, please be constructive with us.  We don’t appreciate and won’t respond to trolling or destructive comments.


We’re looking forward to sharing 2014 with you!


- Sledgehammer Games


Our old website has officially dropped its last hammer as we’ve geared up for an amazing new era for Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty. This is all part of our efforts to stay better connected with you going into an amazing new year for Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare!


Stick around and check back often. We will be to adding new site features and showing off exclusive digital content in the coming weeks. For now we encourage you to explore some of the new features of our site – be sure to stop by our new Photo Gallery page for a look into our studio culture, explore our Awards Page for some of the awards we’ve won, and check out our newly redesigned News Archive for all the recent articles about the studio.


We’d absolutely love to hear from you! Please drop us a line over Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think.


- Sledgehammer Games



  Five years ago, we started on the most exciting journey of our careers. Sledgehammer Games was built around a singular goal - to create world-class interactive entertainment that entertains millions of fans around the world. We have a passion for creating games and a team dedicated to achieving excellence in everything that we do.


  Having the honor of developing the new, next generation of Call of Duty is a developer's dream come true. All of us here at Sledgehammer Games have a shared vision to create the best work of our lives. The next Call of Duty represents a new era for this amazing franchise, and we look forward to sharing what we have been working on.


  Today is just the beginning, there is so much more to come!


  + + +


  Glen Schofield & Michael Condrey


  Founders of Sledgehammer Games


  + + +


  The holidays are an extremely important time of year for the developers at Sledgehammer Games. Whether it be catching up with family, logging a few more hours of sleep than we're used to, or giving back to the community around us we're determined to get the most out of it. This year, we've decided to team up with Family Giving Tree - a nonprofit organization that helps give gifts to underprivileged children in the Bay Area. The best part of the charity is that they interview the children beforehand, and we're able to fulfill their exact wishes so they have something to open this holiday season.

  Please remember to think not only of the people closest to you, but also the people that need it the most. For more information about Family Giving Tree, please visit their website and be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter


  As we ready ourselves for a short Thanksgiving break next week, it's tradition at the studio to celebrate the holiday as a team before everyone goes their separate ways. This year's festivities were complete with all the fixin's, and Glen and Michael served the feast to our team in appreciation of all the hard work this year.
  Special thanks to all the fans out there for making our success possible!


  Getting ready to serve the team lunch.


  Food time!


  Nice spread.


  Capturing the excitement.


  Pie time.


  Extra gravy? Sure!

  Be sure to follow along with all the festivities at Sledgehammer Games on our Facebook and Twitter.

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