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Why does game says "Your cloud save was created with a new version... Please update to continue playing" when I have the latest version?

Activision Support

Hello Activision support team many of people have this problem.i can´t play the game.i have it new installed and new downloaded but the same problem.

Please Please Please help help help!!!!!!

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Registered: ‎24-07-2014

Hi bikerheart81,

What console are you using to play the game and what game are you having issues with? Also, what are the things that you already tried before posting here in the forums?

Please respond. Thanks.

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I play the game (skylanders lost islands) on a Samsung galaxy s4 android kit kat 4.4.

on thursday I played it in flight mode when I was in the airplane when I was at home and wanted to play the game online again was shown me this error.

play offline went without problems but as soon as the error came online.

I uninstalled the game and reloaded and re-installed but the error is the same.

play offline is indeed now no longer possible since I had uninstalled it.

So the error persists.

are 2 I can no longer play days:-(:-(:-(

why can my cloud backup load eh?

I'm level 38 and have all skylanders (135) and many alter egos and special houses I have many paid € for this game.

I hope you can make it right again.

the error is only for "Skylanders Lost Islands" at "Cloud Partol" And "Battle Grounds" everything works great also with the activate account.

I have read the Android store the play are still some errors that same Thursday.

please help me

with best regards


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Registered: ‎24-07-2014
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