Theater mode problems?

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I'm pretty sure everybody has the issue with the delay/recent games not showing in theater, but now after having 257 total games in my theater none of these vids will even load now it will stay stuck at 0% downloading with out being able to start. I've tried letting it sit for 30 minutes with no luck. Is anybody else experiencing this or know any possible fixes?

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I've no solution to this, but I've something to add. Not a bug or anything like that. But is there anyway to save your replays, or did Treyarch just leave that out?

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you can save games  ill make a thread for everyone

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It gives you the option to bookmark the clip after the game, but it doesn't file it away separately from the recent games and still is subject to not loading or not even showing up

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I've got the same problem. Recent games and bookmarked games will not load up at all. I've let it sit overnight hoping they would load but,  they never did... Very annoying!!!


I have an epic  3 team snipe that I pulled off from the top of Frank Tower and want to put together a clip but can't get to the videos. I'm going to be so disappointed if I lose that clip🤬😡🤬

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