Nov 02, 2016

Sledgehammer Games Job List


Sep 30, 2016

Studio Expansion Blog - Part 2

Imagine: You’ve entered the elevator. Moments later, the doors open to reveal a stunning entrance to our two-story atrium bearing the “Sledgehammer Games” logo. You stride through the doors, warm cup of coffee in your hands. On your way to your creatively decorated desk, you greet your fellow Hammers and gear up for what promises to be another exciting day. It’s no ordinary office. You’ve got a great view of the bay and the skyline of one of the greatest cities in the US—San Francisco. The conso...

Aug 12, 2016

SHG HammerWeek 7th Anniversary Studio Outing

Greetings from your friendly Bay Area Dev Studio! We recently took a trip up to Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco to watch an early screening of Suicide Squad in a private theater reserved for our team. Team outings are always a great opportunity for everyone to take a step back from their work for a moment, share with others outside their department, and visit nearby San Francisco. Out of the many conversations happening before the movie started and in the bar afterwards, one thing was abundant...

Jun 21, 2016

Studio Expansion Blog - Part 1

We're expanding our studio. Come check out our plans for 2016 and beyond! 

Mar 04, 2016


As one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest single-title game development studios, we’re continuing to expand in a big way. How big, you ask? Big enough to take out this kick ass billboard on the 101! It’s just one of the many things we have cooked up to attract top talent to join our record-breaking Call of Duty team. If you happen to discover its secret location, snap a quick photo and tag it on your favorite social platform with #beSHG. We’d love to see your photos and will give our favori...

Mar 05, 2013

Sledgehammer Games Wants You!

For the people that follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin you know we are growing like gang busters. But what does it all really mean? Sledgehammer Games is gearing up to deliver our next title, and we just completed a massive expansion project to make room for YOU! In addition to adding more space for engineers, artists (of all disciplines), and designers, we've added space specifically for our embedded quality assurance team, a state-of-the-art focus test room, and a film studio quality...